Frankincense Oil For Hemorrhoids: A Natural Remedy


Piles which is commonly known as hemorrhoids is a serious disease that is common in men. The condition provokes inflammation of veins around the anus and rectum area. It also causes swelling and irritation due to bowel movements obesity pregnancy and other conditions. Hemorrhoids are very common these days but they are one of the painful conditions that adults suffer from. Many people resist medical treatments for hemorrhoids and rely on natural remedies and several lifestyle changes. By natural remedies, we mean using the best essential oils for hemorrhoids. One of the most popular essential oils includes frankincense Essential oil for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are likely to cause intense pain and swelling around your genitals which can be hard to bear. But using Frankincense Essential oil for hemorrhoids comes in handy for the purpose.

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Before moving forward toward the details of how frankincense Essential oil works for hemorrhoids it is important to gather some information about the disease and its symptoms.

What Is Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are commonly known as piles and are very evident in men and women these days. Out of 4 adults, three suffer from hemorrhoids and they do not even know about it. When the condition gets worse, it results in swelling and extreme discomfort. This makes people realize the severe condition of hemorrhoids and its destructive effects. Hemorrhoids also appear because of the aging process. Yes, you heard it right. As you age and grow older, the tissues that form the barrier of the veins in the rectum and anus become stretchy, loose, and saggy. This results in swelling near the rectum area and also provokes irritation.

Hemorrhoids usually happen in two ways:

  • The first one is internal hemorrhoids. This usually happens inside your rectum and causes severe irritation and pain. Internal hemorrhoids cannot be seen or felt.
  • The second one includes external hemorrhoids. This usually appears on the covering of your rectum and can be felt as it causes severe discomfort. It also results in extreme pain and you can notice it around your genitals.

Nowadays most people are suffering from hemorrhoids even in the 30s and 40s. However, several treatments help to cure hemorrhoids magically. Most of them include surgery. But fortunately, not many people are prone to surgical or medical treatments and they move towards naturopathy and other home remedies like essential oils for hemorrhoids. Yes, this is true. Essential oils for hemorrhoids are a perfect treatment that reduces pain and tackles the swelling and irritation associated with it.

Is Frankincense Oil Good For Hemorrhoids?

We know you might be juggling among the best essential oils for hemorrhoids. Well, one of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids is frankincense oil which is an all-rounder to treat several health issues. One such issue is hemorrhoids and frankincense oil is the perfect remedy for it. Frankincense Essential oil has anecdotal evidence which reveals that it has amazing health benefits. Not only this but the Essential oil is also rich in potent nutrients and acids which is good for people suffering from hemorrhoids. Using frankincense Essential oil for hemorrhoids also reduces swelling, itching, and discomfort to a great extent. It is considered as one of the most gentle options to be used on all skin types including sensitive ones. However, we recommend you do a patch test before applying it directly on the skin. One should always make sure to dilute essential oils, be any to reduce the potency of the ingredient.

Benefits Of Frankincense Oil For Hemorrhoids

If you are wondering about the major benefits of using frankincense Essential oil for hemorrhoids then here it is:

1) Reduces Pain

One of the primary benefits of using frankincense oil for hemorrhoids is its ability to reduce pain. Yes, you heard it right. The historic Essential oil is rich in essential nutrients that help to reduce the pain around the rectum area and also nurtures your skin. Studies have revealed that using frankincense Essential oil for hemorrhoid pain is directly linked to the limbic system. Once you inhale the Aroma of frankincense Essential oil it immediately relaxes your mind and sends notes to the limbic system which makes the pain feel less evident.

2) Tackles Inflammation

Hemorrhoids are usually prone to inflammation and intense swelling around the rectum area and inside the genitals. But not anymore. By using the best essential oils for hemorrhoids including frankincense oil you are sorted for the inflammation part. The anti-inflammatory properties of frankincense Essential oil work in all angles to treat hemorrhoids. It also tackles the pressure on your skin and reduces the severe effects of this disease.

3) Kills Bacteria

Did you know that frankincense Essential oil is loaded with antibacterial properties? Well, Essential oil has major anti-microbial and antifungal qualities which kills the infection-causing bacteria. If the bacteria is still there, it might trigger and provoke the spread of infections. However, using frankincense Essential oil its qualities not only kills several types of bacteria but also prevents infection around your genitals.

4) Fast Healing

Frankincense Essential oil is widely recognized because of its amazing qualities. Essential oil acts as an ideal antioxidant and promotes faster healing of the wound. It also reduces the chances of damage to the skin and keeps your skin free from pressure and other issues.

How Much Frankincense Oil Do You Put In Bath Water For Hemorrhoids?

One of the most queried questions of all time is this one. Many people wonder how much frankincense oil to put in bath water for hemorrhoids. Well here is everything you need to know about it. In general, you can pore 6-7 drops of Frankincense Essential oil in a tub full of water. Alternatively, you can also prepare special bath water by including frankincense oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil in minimal quantities.

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How To Use Frankincense Oil For Hemorrhoids?


The best way to use frankincense Essential oil for hemorrhoids is to dilute it first. Since the Essential oil is very potent and concentrated our advice is to dilute it in the first place and then use it on your skin.

  • You can add 3 to 4 drops of frankincense Essential oil in two tablespoons of coconut oil.
  • Applied around your genitals and you will instantly notice less irritation and pain.
  • Alternatively, you can also combine 2-3 drops of frankincense essential oil for hemorrhoids with one tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel. This offers an instant cooling sensation around the rectum area.


Before jumping straight into the natural remedies for hemorrhoids, it is essential to discover the root cause of hemorrhoids. Make sure to get your facts clear and then include the best Essential oil for hemorrhoids which is frankincense Essential oil. If you are in search of frankincense oil for hemorrhoids then make sure to check out Moksha Essentials