Aromatherapy Inside Out: Explore Essential Oils for Internal Use

Aromatherapy Inside Out: Explore Essential Oils for Internal Use

Essential oils are used in N number of ways to nurture your body inside out. From enhancing your mental health to clearing up your physical health issues and more they have been throughout your journey. But when it comes to the internal use of essential oils many people are deliberate about the fact. And why not essential oils are way too concentrated to be ingested at any cost? But then why is there a misconception that essential oils can be ingested in some ways or with proper precautions? Well, today we will burst all the related to essential oils for internal use. Even though this topic holds a lot of debate here is a perspective that might assist you in making the right decision.

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So essential oils are the essence of plants that are extracted from the roots, stems, leaves flowers and bark of the plant. They hold the most potent liquid in them and are often used for their therapeutic qualities. Additionally, these essential oils puzzles antibacterial, anti fungal anti inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that solve various healthcare concerns. They also offer immense Skin Care Hair Care benefits that are truly impeccable. But when we talk specifically about the ingestion of essential oils there are a number of claims. Aromatherapy experts primarily do not recommend taking essential oils for internal use as they might prove to be toxic. Also, these essential oils are very strong so they can lead to inflammation in your gut or even trigger some other healthcare problems.

On the same side a group of experts also reveal that many people add essential oils to their recipes or even use it for their oral hygiene. So exactly what is the truth? You know many people might be contemplating this question. So, here is a clear opinion about the same.

Why should you take essential oils for internal use?

Many people wonder about taking organic essential oils for internal use. Several reasons usually tempt them and are proved to be quite effective. Essential oils for internal use usually help to minimise the chances of gut inflammation and tackle digestive issues along with problems including IBS. For these reasons, many people take essential oils for internal use.

 Many essential oils including peppermint lemon chamomile and  lavender Essential oil are unknown to have potent therapeutic qualities for internal use. They also possess antioxidant properties which are mainly utilised by consumers while ingesting essential oils. In some cases people also use essential oils for internal use to add a punch of flavour and fragrance to their food. A group of people also feel that ingesting Essential oil is related to extracting the most potent benefits of the plants directly into your body. However, this might not be a safe case.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Internal Use?

While talking about the safety of ingesting essential oils, here is a clear-cut statement by the experts. Essential oils are never meant for internal consumption and they might prove to be a toxic element for your body. As you know essential oils are derived directly from nature, they hold quite rich and therapeutic properties, this is the reason why many people think that essential oils are not harmful for internal use. However, the truth is that they are not recommended by specialists for internal use. Essential oils can create an irritating environment inside your stomach which can harm your organs and might also affect the lining of your digestive system. Since they are extremely concentrated and highly potent they might have serious side effects on your body. And when taken in small doses, they might rarely turn out to be a right decision but in 99% cases they are not. Essential oils when applied topically and that too with prior dilution with a carrier oil or water are proved to be effective. So ingesting them without any proper dilution might prove to be a harmful decision for your body.

Which essential oils are safe for internal use?

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Even after a lot of contemplation, there might be a few or only one or two essential oils that might be safe to ingest. However as per the food and drug administration, certain oils are usually termed as safe. However they are still not regulated to be ingested generally. If you are still keen to understand the logic of essential oils for internal use then it is better to choose food-grade oils. So basically look out for oils that are certified to be ingested without causing any severe effects on your body. Also one should always consult a physician or an expert before using essential oils for internal use. Since essential oils are very strong ingesting even a small dosage might prove to be a wrong choice.

What is the best way to use essential oils?

Essential oils can be used in several other ways for amazing benefits and some of them are listed below.
● You can simply diffuse essential oils and explore avoid range of benefits that
they offer.
● Another way to use essential oils is by combining them with the choice of  carrier oil. You can simply dilute them with carrier oil and apply topically for massage Therapy.

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We are finally nearly end of the series of essential oils for internal use. You now know that interesting essential oils is not a safe function power one can use them in several other ways. Also you can choose the best essential oils available at