Bugs Be Gone! Essential Oils to Repel Mosquitoes

Bugs Be Gone! Essential Oils to Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are very alert to the fragrance they smell. Does that make you laugh? Well, no one cares about the sense organs of mosquitoes and how they use them in the best possible way. But with the rising cases of malaria and other diseases associated with mosquito biting it is quite evident that they use it for humans badly. Not only this but they also suck out the blood from humans and make harsh points on various parts of your body. To be precise mosquito biting can be extremely painful and annoying. But do you know there is a solution that tackles the incoming mosquitoes and repels them ideally? Yes, you heard it right. The best essential oils for mosquitoes are here to the rescue. The constant buzzing and biting of mosquitoes is very prominent especially during the hot climate and in the tropical regions. No wonder mosquito bites in severe cases can lead to dangerous malaria and might go on to the death stage. But fret not we have a list of the best essential oils  to repel mosquitoes that work like a charm.

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Mosquitoes usually get attracted to human beings because of their unique scent of sweat and the release of carbon dioxide. The insects usually sniff these substances, target human beings, and bite them eventually. Studies have revealed that mostly female mosquitoes are known to bite humans because they require human blood to initiate their generations. This simply means that mosquitoes will bite you eventually for their benefit and might lead to various health diseases in humans. However not anymore. With the best essential oils for mosquito bites, you are sorted.

The most effective essential oils to repel mosquitoes are great as they mimic the scent produced by humans and replace mosquitoes in the best way possible. In simple language mosquitoes usually do not recognize the scent of essential oils and when they come near it, it triggers them and in some cases kills them effectively. Specialists and doctors usually recommend using the best essential oils for mosquito repellents as their highly concentrated and do not take much time to show results. Once you get used to using essential oils for mosquito bites there is no going back.

Best Essential Oils for Mosquitoes

Now that we have discussed enough essential oils for mosquito bites it is time to explore the best of them and see how essential oils repel mosquitoes and please without causing any side effects.

1.  Peppermint Essential oil to repel mosquitoes

If there is one Essential oil that you need to have in your wardrobe to get rid of mosquitoes and flies then it is none the than peppermint Essential oil. Minty fragrances are usually underrated but in broad terms, they are very beneficial to repel flies and mosquitoes. Peppermint Essential oil  has a very invigorating and refreshing fragrance that bits farewell to pesky insects and mosquitoes to a great extent. Additionally, peppermint Essential oil also refreshes your mind with its cooling fragrance which is loaded with high menthol content. Studies have revealed that peppermint Essential oil is naturally loaded with mosquito repellent properties which if diffused in a bedroom might repel mosquitoes by 60%. So without any second thought, you can check out the best essential oils for repelling mosquitoes from Moksha Essentials.

2. Garlic oil to repel flies and mosquitoes

Have you heard of Garlic oil? Does it make you feel you are making some exotic recipe or luscious food of that sort? Well ideally garlic oil isn't used for culinary purposes but it is widely popular to repel mosquitoes and flies. Garlic oil is recognized as one of the family members of onion and is a great mosquito repellent. Vigorous Essential oil is packed with active ingredients like allicin  which instantly masks the mosquitoes with its strong fragrance. Not only this but using garlic oil for topical use to repel mosquitoes is a great idea. For this, you can simply add in water or combine it with other essential oils and create a mosquito repellent spray to spritz it around your atmosphere.

3. Lavender Essential oil for flies and mosquitoes

Lavender Essential Oils For Flies and Mosquitoes

Lavender Essential oil  is a gem of a product that is very popular because of its soothing relaxing and calming effects for humans. But when it comes to mosquitoes and flies lavender Essential oil does the job pretty well. The richest essential oil is loaded with a strong Aroma that instantly kicks off mosquitoes. Researchers have found that Lavender oil has a very pungent fragrance which mosquitoes and flies absolutely hate and do not come near to. This purple flower is extracted using the steam distillation method and holds the pure essence of the lavender plant. So when it is used in an ideal way to deter flies and mosquitoes it works 100%. You can simply make a mosquito repellent roll-on by combining lavender Essential oil with a career oil of your choice and applied on your skin directly. Not only will it enhance your experience in terms of fragrance but will also repel mosquitoes bed bugs and Flies.

4. Citronella Essential oil for mosquito bites

Let's talk about another Essential oil that has a very grassy and herbal fragrance and is an ideal pick to repel mosquitoes, bed bugs, and flies. If you are looking for the best essential oils for keeping mosquitoes away then citronella Essential oil  is the one you need. This mosquito repelling Essential oil comes from the lemongrass plant and family. The Essential oil is rich in several properties and holds a very lemony, citrusy, and tangy Aroma. Mosquitoes bed bugs and even flies hate the fragrance of citrus fruits and plants to the core. So once you diffuse citronella Essential oil to repel mosquitoes you can be assured of having a peaceful sleep without the buzzing of pesky insects. Citronella Essential oil can also lead to irritation to mosquitoes as it is considered an effective mosquito repellent.

5.  Rosemary oil for flies and mosquitoes

As mentioned above herbal and grassy fragrances are the ones that work the most. They work in terms of repelling mosquitoes and flies and offer a soothing Aroma to your atmosphere. Rosemary Essential oil  is one of them. You might have heard of using Rosemary oil for hair growth and Rosemary oil for skin. This time you are supposed to use this multipurpose herb to repel mosquitoes and to tick off bed bugs and flies from your environment. Rosemary Essential oil is rich in anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that keep mosquitoes away. The potent fragrance of Rosemary oil for mosquitoes can be a great choice if used in a DIY mosquito repellent spray.

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Have you ever tried the best essential oils for mosquitoes? If yes, how was your experience? Many times people do not feel that the results are evident because of low-quality essential oils. In such cases, we assure you 100% pure and organic best essential oils at Moksha Essentials.